Artificial stone: Corian, Polysone, Montelli, LG    

Artificial stone


  • Corian
  • Polystone
  • Montelli
  • LG HI-MACS    

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bars, hotels, banks     

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  •   Kitchen. Worktop, window sill, sink made out of artificial stone POLYSTONE

      Worktop of the coffee table is made out of Corian

      Worktop (table board) and double sink our of artificial stone Corian  

      Coffee table out of artificial stone

      Kitchens with of artificial stone

      Kitchen sink out of artificial stone


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    Artificial stone.
    Corian, Polystone, Montelli, LG

        Soyuzstroydetal Co., brings to your attention products made from an artificial stone of such marks as: CORIAN, POLYSTONE, MONTELLI, LG HI-MACS. Out of an artificial stone we make: table-tops, window sills, bar and reception counters and other products, from small subjects of an interior to high-grade furnish of premises by artificial stone.