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Artificial stone


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  •   Kitchen. Worktop, window sill, sink made out of artificial stone POLYSTONE

      Worktop of the coffee table is made out of Corian

      Worktop (table board) and double sink our of artificial stone Corian  

      Coffee table out of artificial stone

      Kitchens with of artificial stone

      Kitchen sink out of artificial stone


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    Bathroom. Furniture for the bathroom

         Soyuzstroydetal Co., offers furniture for the bathrooms with artificial stone elements.

    Artificial stone in bathroom.
        At a choice of furniture for the bathroom notice the advantages of the artificial stone in the environment with high humidity. In fact high moisture resistance of the artificial stone allows furniture to remain in ideal conditions for the long time. At the same time, artificial stone is simple to care, the spots can be easily washed off of it, while water does not make any deformations to a surface. It is necessary to note the special technology of manufacturing of the artificial stone furniture, as it allows to create working surfaces and other products and interior elements of any shape even if several colors are used. This advantage of the artificial stone will allow you to make the sink in the bathroom of any, optimal for you, shape and any size with no joints or seams. Artificial stone also possesses a number of other advantages, compared to other materials, which include: hear resistance, simplicity of care and repair of the furniture made out of artificial stone. Thus, can say that artificial stone is the optimal material for the manufacturing of sink and other bathroom furniture.

    Bathroom. Furniture for the bathroom

    Bathroom. Furniture for the bathroom

    Bathroom. Furniture for the bathroom

    Furniture for the bathroom with artificial stone elements. Advantage of an artificial stone in bathroom. We give guarantee for the bathroom furniture with artificial stone elements, including Corian. Furniture for the bathroom

    Furniture for the bathroom Furniture for the bathroom Bathroom