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Artificial stone


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  •   Kitchen. Worktop, window sill, sink made out of artificial stone POLYSTONE

      Worktop of the coffee table is made out of Corian

      Worktop (table board) and double sink our of artificial stone Corian  

      Coffee table out of artificial stone

      Kitchens with of artificial stone

      Kitchen sink out of artificial stone


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        Furniture made out of artificial stone Corian. Guarantee on the products of Corian is up to 5 years. Besides Corian we are ready to bring to your attention products made out of other artificial stone brands.

        We offer Corian artificial stone products.
        Primary advantages of Corian artificial stone products are:
    " Durability
    " Nonhygroscopic and hygienic
    " Big field for the design decisions
    " Quality guarantee
    " Rich color scale

    We give a guarantee on the products out of Corian up to 5 years.

        Corian is a modern composit material which consists of a mix of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymers.
        The variety of a color palette, modern figures of a surface or imitation of a natural stone, make Corian the best decision for creation of window sills, table-tops, sinks, tables, wall panels for your house. The beauty and strict style in combination with unique chemical and physical properties of Corian will give your kitchen, bathroom, drawing room, garage or cabinet originality and reliability. Simplicity of Corian care will turn house work into light and easy exercise.
        Founded in 1967 in DuPont laboratories, Corian represents exceptionally reliable, ecologically pure, convenient in processing and using material. Corian is inert, chemically passive, and nontoxic.
        As being nonporous, easily polished material, it allows to create smooth seamless surfaces of almost any configurations.
        Perfect for in-house use, Corian is recommended for use in medicine, in public catering, in chemical manufacture. Durable, strong and easily cleaning surfaces of Corian can be found in the world largest banks, well-known hospitals and medicine cabinets, automobile workshops, kitchens and halls of restaurants and cafes.

    Color palette of artificial stone Corian


    Corian artificial stone