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  •   Kitchen. Worktop, window sill, sink made out of artificial stone POLYSTONE

      Worktop of the coffee table is made out of Corian

      Worktop (table board) and double sink our of artificial stone Corian  

      Coffee table out of artificial stone

      Kitchens with of artificial stone

      Kitchen sink out of artificial stone


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    LG HI-MACS acrylic stone

        NATURAL ACRYLIC STONE LAG HI-MACS is the modern highly technological material, executed on the basis of acrylic resin and consists of 70% of natural materials.
        Its elegant beauty along with exclusive strength and durability allow HI-MACS to be ideal for use in wide spectrum of products and in absolutely different style and functionality interiors. It will not only perfectly fit the interior but also will become its integral part, the peculiar center of its aesthetic perception. Depending on the combination of the colors, HI-MACS will help to emphasize this or that presented style: make an interior warm and traditional in one case and very advanced in the other, finding its place both in ingenious minimalism and in technocratic maximalism of the design chose by you. Thus LG HIGH-MACS will never become an alien for the human environment, remaining warm and "alive" not only by touch but also by sight.
        HI-MACS field of use is extremely wide. It accentuates beauty and style of kitchen bathroom, makes office look more representative and prestigious, and house more comfortable, and appears to be the most practical and durable material for public catering businesses (including RESTAURANTS, BARS, CAFES, ETC.), BANKS, CINEMAS, ENTRATINING CENTERS, SHOPS, TRANSPORT and other public places. It also appears to be the ideal alternative in MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS where the hygiene requirements are high It is possible to see it in the forms of BANK COUNTERS, TABLE TOPS, RECEPTION COUNTERS, FURNITURE AND ITS ELEMENTS, INTERIOR DETAILS, WALL COVERINGS, decorative products, ACCESSORIES AND SCULPTURES Perhaps, no other artificial material combines such big quantity of advantages at the same time. Here are some of them:

  • HI-MACS is extraordinary durable. Owing to the optimal combination of hardness and fragility it is inconvertible to scratches, impacts and other mechanical impacts. At the same time it is extremely persistent to any contacts as with common (alcohol, vinegar, juices and sour milk products) and with chemical reactants;
  • Surfaces of HI-MACS can be easily cleaned by ordinary soap water and even in the case of strong soiling do not require any special facilities, abrasives or solvents;
  • HI-MACS structure is nonporous; does not absorb or evolve. It is absolutely impenetrable for fungous or bacterial formations. This allows it to be along with stainless steel, allows to be one of the few materials which meet the highest hygienic requirements of NSF-51 certification;
  • Connections of HI-MACS are made with the technology of seamless gluing, that gives indivisible "cast" form to the products of any complexity and size. Same property allows combining various HI-MACS colors into one unique figure, enchasing and combining it with other noble materials. Any of the damages of HI-MACS can be repaired without visible traces owing to the seamless gluing.
  • One of the major properties of HI-MACS is the use of thermoshaping opportunity, process which allow to achieve the most complex shapes and to realize the most courageous design ideas of the modern interiors.
  • HI-MACS offers a wide choice of standard colors which constantly grows (there is 54 colors today). At the same time there is an opportunity of creation practically any monophonic or granular color. With HI-MACS the opportunity is unique: already you can order "your own" color from 32 sheets of 12 mm, from 40 of 9 mm, and from 60 of 6 mm. Saturation and "stone" beauty of the HI-MACS color will stay constant for many years, will never change or turn yellow.